Culinary Academy

Chef4U cooking lessons are unique: Must be fun and interactive but also teach something new to each guest. Always taught by professional chefs, you can choose to have your sessions in our working restaurant kitchen or in the privacy of your own home.

Private Cooking Lessons Make Great Activities for Friends and Family

Cooking in the last decade has become a popular pastime. As more TV programs and cooking magazines come onto the market you may feel that your skills are not as dynamic as you want them to be.
Chef Nicolas can provide you with private cooking lessons to help guide you through important culinary skill, which you can apply to your everyday life! 

Cooking lessons also make great group activities for parties or events. 

Getting together with a group both reduces the cost of personal cooking lessons and is also a great activity for creating memories.
Guanacaste Chef4U cooking lessons are unique. They are taught by a professional chef in a working restaurant kitchen or in the privacy of your own home. Lessons start in the dining room area where you will meet the chef and discuss the menu you will prepare. You will be involved in every step and at the end you will gather around the dining room table to taste your own creations, relax with the Chef and chat with your classmates! Bon Appetit!!

Some excellent group party ideas include…

Appetizer Party: Create 2-3 small bites with friends and then learn how to pair them with wine to enhance the taste & experience of your pallet.

Weekly Meals: The chef will show you how to create healthy and delicious easy meals to serve your family during the week.

Healthy Living: Chef Nicolas will teach you how to create healthy meals options to add energy to your life style and help you reach your dietary goals.

Sweet Treats: Get a group together and learn how to create some delicious & unique desserts.

BBQ Bash: Learn how to grill like a pro.

Costa Rican Way of Life: Learn how to create some traditional dishes from Costa Rica, using some unique ingredients that make Costa Rica cuisine so special and unique.

Kids Cooking Class: Now your kids can try out variety of culinary recipes they have learned in Costa Rica in the comfort of your own home kitchen.

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